Your Dream will be my Passion!!!

I specialize in Personalized Professional service.  I  send my clients to the All-Inclusive Resort that fits their personality.  This gives them more time to enjoy each moment and no time wondering what if I went somewhere else?

Ocean Cruise Ships

& River Cruises

  • I will work for YOU, not the cruise line.
  •   I will be your personal Advocate.    


All inclusive Resorts

  • All Inclusive Resorts are NOT created equally. 
  • I will make your trip personalized, just for YOU.  Room, Spa, Drinks, Excursions, clothing optional, I will get you the trip you want.  
Bridal Party

Personalized Group Vacation Plans

  • Groups offer better deals and perks for everyone!
  • I will put everything together.  I will make sure the Hotel, Cruise, Limo all know the occasion and plans are made accordingly. 
Certified Travel Consultant No. ST15578
  • Group Travel Specialist
  • Cruise Problem Solver, to a degree
  • All Inclusive Resort Packages
  • Wedding party Packages, any size, any where.  YOUR wedding.
  • Unique "just you" Packages.  MY Favorite kind.