PLEASE SUBMIT A Deposit as discussed with your Travel Consultant

Please use the form below to submit a payment for your trip.

I will need to know the full names of all travelers on their passports, passport numbers and birthdays.

  Send me a picture of the Passport itself, if possible.

This information HAS TO BE CORRECT and match what I give the ship and/or airline. 



I authorize Optimal Choice Travel on behalf of Traveling Feet Vacations to charge my credit card for the above referenced amount.  This is for the above referenced reservation # for which you have been sent all information.  I UNDERSTAND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS regarding this booking including cancellation policies, applicable penalties, and the availability of travel insurance. 

I highly recommend travel insurance in case of an emergency before your trip or injury while on your trip.  I have used this myself and it saved me thousands of dollars.

If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction. If they require the name of the vendor and you are unsure as to who that is, please contact Optimal Choice Travel.